Our voices heard as one


    In China, we have a large number of users in the use of quality products.


    They increase productivity, improve safety, and create higher returns.


    We want to replicate that success in Africa, where people can be richer, where transportation can be safer, where construction can be more efficient.








    How are we going to do that ?





    Security is our premise.


    We dominate design in terms of traffic safety. 


    Our vision is that no truck will cause traffic accidents. 


    We track the causes of accidents over the years and continue to improve.


    Prevent accidents and reduce injuries. 


    Not just for the driver, but for everyone.














    Tight scheoules in long-haulage



    Long-distance operations typically involve vehicles carrying heavy loads and drivers coping with tough working conditions.


    Schedules are often tight and the demands of customers are nearly always high.


    Keeping to schedule is a crucial in being able to manage just-in-time delivery deadlines.


    Our long haulage trucks combine high-quality, cutting-edge technology with unique customisation options.


    The result is vehicles that are tailored to meet every business need, offer outstanding operating economy and appeal to drivers.


    Driver behaviour is crucial when it comes to operating economy, road safety, and environmental impact.


    We offers a number of on-board vehicle systems focused on drivers, all of which improve vehicle performance and enhance safety.






    Easy Distribution



    High operating-efficiency is a crucial for trucks used in distribution, where duties can include delivering provisions to hotels and restaurants with tight schedules.


    Temperature-controlled box trailers, cabs that are easy to access and outstanding manoeuvrability are all features that contribute to achieving this.


    In the day-to-day world of multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, continuous vehicle availability is crucial to serve customers on time.


    We distribution trucks, with their robust chassis and powertrains, provide the productivity and reliability needed, along with superb fuel economy, low emissions and excellent total operating economy.

    Every vehicle is ready to be integrated with tailored services to keep distribution operations in motion.


    These range from to maintenance for the whole vehicle, and service contracts customised to the operation.


    The aim is making owning a truck simple for the customer.







    Working hard in construction



    Vehicles in our construction range are rugged, robust and reliable.


    Known for their excellent manoeuvrability and handling, they’re perfectly suited for hard work in the most challenging conditions.


    We construction vehicles are the perfect choice for applications where high uptime is vital.


    When used in combination with appropriate services, they form a complete transport solution that can be used to boost the profitability of operators.


    Truck operators are able to work together with us to specify or tailor a vehicle that precisely matches their needs.


    The result is a truck that can be depended on for years to come, whether it is to be used off-road, as a tipper, in mining, concrete or in forestry.









    Society relies on special-purpose vehicles to keep functioning.


    These can range from vehicles for rescue and firefighting right through to cleaning and refuse handling trucks and defence and peace keeping vehicles.


    Many of these vehicles are used by people who put their own lives at risk to protect and help others, meaning reliability is paramount.

    Special-purpose trucks are complex, but we can always provide a solution that covers the cab, engine, gearbox, chassis and all the services needed. 








    YUNLIHONG —— Integrated solution provider



    Shiyan Yunlihong Industrial & Trade CO.LTD was established in 2003 , it’s a supplier of commercial vehicle customization solutions integrating R&D , production and sales.


    At present , we have independently developed and produced 5 categories of products and formed a series of vehicle design platforms.


    Including special off-road vehicle , anti-bullet  off-road vehicle chassis , Amphibious vehicle , Tunnel shotcrete chassis , tunnel wet shotcrete truck chassis , etc.


    Among them , we have sold bulletproof off-road vehicle chassis in a total of 70 units , amphibious vehicles 30 units , tunnel shotcrete chassis over 1200 units.






    We are an overseas exporter of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, exports all models of Dongfeng commercial vehicles.


    The annual export scale reaches 100 units and maintain close cooperation with Dongfeng commercial vehicles in order to provide high quality products and after-sales service.


    At present,we have established perfect after-sales guarantee system in Africa,Asian,South American,and Oceania to meet the local after-sales needs.







    DONGFENG —— Vehicle and parts manufacturers



    Dongfeng Motors Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese State-owned central enterprise under the State Council's and Administration Commission.


    It is one of the four major automobile groups, ranks 65th in the world's top 500 companies.


    Dongfeng commercial vehicle co. LTD is located in Shiyan.Hubei.China, 


    It has the ability on independent design and  establish of automobile industrial parks and automobile assembly lines.


    China Automobile Association, China Business Industry Research Institute report shows:


    in 2018 , Dongfeng sold 561,500 units commercial vehicles and is the top sales of the all commercial vehicle region. 



    World Top 500 Ranking


    Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.                                 Ranked 65

    China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd.                     Ranked 125

    China Heavy Duty Group Co., Ltd.                               Not including

    Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd.            Not including






    Logistics —— Professional logistics company


    Cooperation with professional logistics companies, device the most reasonable and complete vehicle logistics solution together.


    Including a series of integrated solutions such as packaging, fixing, ship selection, arrival notification, customs clearance and so on. What we can do :


    1.  Develop a scientific shipping plan,helping buyers save logistics costs, increasing revenue from the source.

    2.  Standardize the shipping process, maximum protection of goods.

    3.  Attentive service, reducing buyer’s working time to enjoy the life.